Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back to school, and I'm jealous

This past Monday, Kiel had placement testing at his new middle school. There was a brief orientation in the library for kids and parents, before the testing. The building is just a year old. Kiel and I walked around a bit before orientation. After orientation, the kids went off to a room for their testing. Parents were told that the kids would be done by noon. So, I headed out to the town library and signed up for a library card. I ended up not borrowing anything that day. However, I did wander around the stacks for nearly two hours.

Monday evening, all three of us are going to the school for an information session for seventh graders and their families. We'll get to see Kiel's "team area" and to meet his teachers. Plus, Ben will get to see the school for the first time. I've been there a couple times at this point.

Kiel and I hit up a few office supply stores looking for some preliminary back-to-school things. We'll probably have more shopping to do after this weekend, but there were some things we knew he'd need before getting any sort of specific list from a teacher. Of course, I simply LOVE shopping for school supplies. I have always loved getting ready for school. Getting organized and the promise of all those empty pages in my notebooks, just waiting to be filled.

Then again, I really liked school. School was always something I was good at, something I had mastery over in my life. During my elementary school years, I would run "play school" for my friends. And most of them would foolishly allow me to teach them and give them tests during perfectly lovely summer days.

Kiel's first day of school is Wednesday. Bizarre as it sounds, school is then closed on Friday. Fortunately for us, Kiel is registered for a YMCA camp all this week. So, he'll be in camp on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. And, he'll be in school on Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Blog spam!!!

I am furious beyond belief.

Someone posted a comment to my last blog entry that was basically spam. I couldn't figure out how to delete their "comment". So, I deleted and reposted the entry.

Spammers: Definitely first up against the wall when the revolution comes. Lawyers must really love them, since the lawyers are no longer first on so many peoples' lists.