Saturday, August 15, 2015

Home again, home again

I have been away from home for six days.  I've missed it.  Ive missed my kitties.  I've missed ,y own bed.  And, I've missed my wonderful hot tub.     I used to live and work in D.C.  I haven't missed the D.C. Heat and humidity in August.  I haven't missed the crowds or the traffic.  I do miss having wonderful, free, convenient museums though.   It's been great being in D.C.  Attending Usenix Security 2015 was mentally inspiring.  I also got to catchup with a few (though sadly, not all) of my local friends.  I also got to pop ignominy favorite art museum, The National Gallery of Art.   One more visit for brunch, and then off to the airport.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cut the cord ... Again

Around the first anniversary of my re-attachment to cable TV, I cut the cord again.     Seriously,my DVR was always full of things that I 'might' watch.  I was watching 2-3 hours of content every day, instead of spending time on things I supposedly valued more than video-drool time.  Plus, the cost was really out of hand.  In order tom get the main channels that I wanted, it was costing me around $70/month, which then gave me access to more content than I needed, which I felt compelled to consume as much if as possible.   So, I am back to my broadband subscriptions (Netflix, Hulk plus, and Amazon Prime). Since I'd be doing Amazon Prime regardless, its base cost really doesn't matter.  I do however periodically purchase content from Amazon that I may not have purchased if instill had cable TV.  Ultimately, the cost is probably a wash because of that.  However, I filmily I am only watching things that I really want tom watch now.  Far less mindless watching.  Still, I should probably cut back for both time and financial reasons.   Perhaps this posting could be the catalyst for a new resolution:  no more Amazon purchases/rentals untilmive watched everything ive purchased in my video library.   That shouldmtake me at least a month.