Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Woman Warns Of Laptop Dangers - Yahoo! News

People are just stupid!

A local TV station reported that a mother wants to see more obvious warnings on laptops, perhaps in the start-up software, that warn users of the dangers of laptop use. Apparently, the woman's daughter suffered third degree burns from her laptop's AC adapter when she fell asleep on her bed while studying. The woman argues that the warnings on the equipment and in the manuals are not obvious enough and that people don't read the manuals any way.

I'm sorry folks, but GIVE ME A BREAK!!! How many times do you have to use a laptop to realize that the machine itself gets hot and that the transformer can also get pretty warm? Are most people just really unobservant?

And, another thing. I know people don't really read manuals or warning labels (think about cigarettes and OTC medicine warnings). But, it has been my experience, that people also don't read notices that pop-up on their computers. In addition, do we really want to load yet another annoying and taxing piece of code onto are already overburdened Microsoft Windows machines? I don't think so.

I am sorry that this girl was burned by her laptop transformer. However, I think her mother needs to get over it. Maybe she should head over to McDonald's drive-thru for a nice HOT cup of coffee to think it over.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When is it time for a change?

When do you know that it is time to leave a job? How many years looks like "just enough" on your resume? Not too little, and not too long?

Do you seriously start looking to leave when some of the people you work with seem to have "make other people misserable" in their job description? Do you update your resume when you suspect your management is lying to investors and customers alike? Do you take serious stock of your financial assets when auditors, who have the power to ruin your company's reputation, are scheduled to be on site and you know they will uncover the organization's size thirteen feet of clay? Or, do you start cruising the more popular employment sites when your manager gives her notice out of frustration, with no new job to go to herself?

How many nails does it take to build the coffin of a company or of a career? Is it better to attend a funeral or to be the dearly departed? Funerals are depressing for the living. The dead have moved on. Hopefully, they're in a better place and won't care.

I hear the job market may be picking up in Q1. I have had a few nibbles on my own resume recently. So, maybe it's true. I'll be sure to let everyone know if they should be buying flowers or if I'll be wearing black.