Friday, September 02, 2005

Gas prices got you down?

I have double the amount of money I spend on gas each month in the last year. I know that other countries have had expensive gas for a long time. So, I'm swallowing this medicine without too much grumbling about it. On the other hand, the cirucmstances surrounding the price increase have been stewing a bit.

1) Our current administration is headed by two "oil men". [ Whose friends have been profitting from the increase in oil prices. ]
2) We are enmeshed in an unpopular war with an oil rich nation. [ How about stepping up production in Iraq? ]

On another note. Driving home last night, I noticed that the cheapest fuel at the gas station is diesel. I want to be a friend to the environment. But, diesel powered vehicles are looking more and more attractive to me. One of the downsides is that diesel engines often have issues in colder climates. Now that we don't have a garage, that could be problematic.

Since we don't typically join the lemmings on Labor Day, and drive off to the beach, we won't be changing our behavior this weekend because of gas prices. We will be staying local. We'll probably go to see Transporter 2, and go out for dinner, sometime this weekend. Other than that, we have plenty of home entertainment options. Or, we could unpack some boxes .... yeah ... that's the ticket!