Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Let the adventure begin!

Several years ago I was in one of those dreaded corporate meetings. One of the managers running the meeting compared the problem we were discussing to "herding kittens". I just LOVED that image.

I have been owned by cats since I was five years old. You do not control them. They control you. I know that it is impossible to "herd kittens". However, I like to be in control of things. (Why on earth would you live with cats? You may ask). So, perhaps if we spell it a bit differently, it will have a different meaning and effect. Besides, I have never been the best speller. So, "hearding kittens" is kind of a metaphor for a lot of things. Mostly its about the chaos of life.


briwei said...

Good blog title. Welcome to the Blogosphere. Can't wait to see what type of stuff you decide to put out there.

Anonymous said...

As a Person With Cat(s) as well, I like the oft-observed remark that cats cannot be controlled by you.
As a Person With Dog, I aptly can draw upon another old saw about the uniqueness of Feline-affected Life:

Dogs have Masters; Cats have Staff