Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek: The New Frontier

Grendel and I just got back from seeing the new Star Trek flick. I was expecting to both like it and hate it. Having been a long time fan, I knew that the ST community took issue with a lot of the twists in the history.

I loved the casting, particularly Zachary Quinto as Spock and Simon Pegg as Scotty!

Grendel thought the film was good, but he wasn't inspired by it. He couldn't remember any of the original ST episodes he's been exposed to over the years. There were a number of insider bits that he just didn't pick up on that tickled me to no end: "Fascinating" ... "I'm a doctor not an ..."

And what did I think?

By the time the credits rolled up I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I am SO looking forward to more flicks in this revitalized version of the ST universe. I understand where the die hard fans took issue. However, I totally understand why the altered history was necessary to revitalize the franchise. And, I really like some of the alterations. I'm not saying that I have anything but the greatest respect for the original version of the ST universe history. However, I think the changes give the creative team a good deal to work with.


What changes/nuances did I enjoy the most?

1) Uhuru/Spock - YES!
2) Spock getting schooled by his much older self so that maybe it won't take him decades to lighten up a bit. As well as Spock's father giving him the humbling insight about why he married Amanda.
3) Kirk as an even more irreverent unpredictable and hormonal smart ass, since he didn't have his father around to temper him growing up.

4) Chekov as a brilliant 17 year old. Reminded me of Wesley Crusher, but not nearly so freaking annoying.
5) Scotty as an outcast of sorts, with his little alien side kick.

Oh, and I LOVED the song they played during young Kirk's car theft experience. There's a great commentary on why they might have picked it. Slight amusing slam at Shatner.

More, more, more, please!!


changejunkie said...

I thought they did a great job of respecting the original while re-writing the history. I'm wondering how the politics will shape up, given the altered universe. I thought the casting was inspired. The new Scotty was wonderful, and Bones was dead-on. And Kirk, Kirk was what you would have expected from him as a young man. I assume there will be several sequels.

Cobwebs said...

I'm with ya there. I just got back from watching it a second time (first time with husband, second with Shadaughter). I loved it. There were plot holes you could throw a dog through, and you just didn't care.

I had to watch it a second time for all of the Easter the tribble in a cage on Scotty's desk.

More, please.