Sunday, December 27, 2009

The year in review

My good friend over at Raine's Kitchen posted an upbeat review of her decade. I was so inspired that I thought that I'd follow suit with this review of the year. Later this week, I'll actually do what she did and review the decade.

I could do as she did and just focus on the good stuff. However, life is a balance. I want to review both the good and the bad. Like her, I think there's more good here than bad. That's amazing this year.

The Good Stuff

  • Goblin was laid off from a job he had grown to hate.
  • Goblin trained for and got his license as an LNA
  • I completed a writing seminar online last spring that reminded me how much I love writing.
  • Goblin got into and started LPN school
  • Grendel got straight A's for his sophomore year of high school.
  • Grendel is very active on his FIRST team. He's made some great friends and he's getting a lot out of the experience.
  • We went to WPI with Grendel for a FIRST competition. We got a really good look at the place and can see why Grendel wants to go to college there.
  • Grendel got his first job. He didn't stay long, but he used the money to buy his own computer.
  • I had a fabulous vacation on Star Island. I met some great people, and I committed to go back every summer.
  • I made a couple of new friends this year. One who promises to re-meet on Star Island this summer.
  • I earned my CISSP, which makes me professionally more employable and relevant in my field.
  • I reconnected with lots of friends on Facebook.
  • Grendel completed driver's education
  • Goblin's unemployment benefits were extended through the end of the year, possibly into March 2010
  • Goblin got the H1N1 shot at school because of his new profession.
  • The basement is looking good.
  • Grendel had a LAN party in the half-finished basement. Having six additional teenage boys in the house wasn't so bad.
  • I committed to go to Atlanta with Grendel in April for the national FIRST competition.
  • Family and friends have been very supportive this year.

--- SPOILER ALERT: Go no further if you want to stay positive ---

The Bad Stuff

  • Goblin lost his job, which has really hurt us financially.
  • The worse year for our marriage.
  • Grendel's grades are all over the place again.
  • Credit card fraud in November, still arguing over charges with company.
  • My weight and chronic pain are the worse ever. Menopause has not been kind to me either.
  • Progress on the basement has been much slower than ever anticipated.
  • Had to cancel our trip to Europe last spring because of financial issues. We may not get to see my brother in Paris before his tour is over in 2011.
  • Unemployment will run out sometime this coming year, and then we're in big trouble unless Grendel's flaky per diem work becomes less flaky.

The year really was more good than bad, even if some of the bads really do stink.

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Monkeys in Paris said...

for someone who has fessed to being occasionally negative, I think this is a pretty balanced report!