Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Arts Week on Star Island was a wonderful experience. While I didn't relax as much as I should have, I certainly relaxed a lot for me. However, me being me and all, I couldn't relax without actually accomplishing something. Here are things that I accomplished (or am otherwise grateful for):

  1. Got up every morning, learned a new silly song, and tromped around the Island waking people up as part of the Wake Up Singers.
  2. Finally learned how to take pictures beyond complete automatic with my digital SLR camera, thanks to the photography workshop run by Parrish Dobson.
  3. Chatted with a lot of interesting people.
  4. Actually studied a sunset from a wonderful vantage point.
  5. Learned that photographs aren't always about capturing what's in front of you. Sometimes you can use the instrument to see what's in front of you in a new and intriguing way.
  6. Visited Appledore Island.
  7. Saw a seal bobbing in the waves.
  8. Saw lots of baby seagulls.
  9. Saw a basking shark on the way back from Star to Portsmouth. It was flipping HUGE.
  10. Went on 2 guided nature walks.
  11. Attended a production of the 15 minute "Hamlet" (way way too funny)
  12. Read some of Dorothy Rowe's "Guide to Life"
  13. Had a lime rickey every day!

Goals for next time:

  • Get to ring the lunch bell.
  • Jump in the freezing ocean with the Polar Bears.
  • Try something new (maybe Dance or Theater)
  • Prepare for morning singers with some great words of the day and some prizes for people who join us all 6 mornings.

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