Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A mix of a day, but ...

My pain has been especially nasty of late, so I agreed to try an injection in my right hip directly over my inflamed bursa at the top of my TFL. If this works, I may do the left side as well. If I do it will be with another doctor. I'm finally fed up with my physiatrist. The woman is always late for our appointments (last week I waited 50 minutes!) She also doesn't even seem to read the notes from previous visits. Her focus is always on my low back, which is just one of my myriad pain issues. Her office staff seem virtually incompetent (constant screw ups with prescriptions and communications). And the overall focus of the practice just isn't warm and comforting. This is sad considering that people go there because they are in chronic pain. At the end of today's appointment, I filled out a form to have them fax my records to a new doctor. Hopefully, the next guy will be more focused on alleviating my pain and actually interacting with me as a patient.

Afterwards, I picked up some take out and watched "Attack the Block". What a fun little distraction of a movie. London ghetto kids/stoners take on alien invaders. Nick Frost has a supporting role that is humorous (of course).

Now I'm off to a massage appointment!

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