Friday, August 14, 2015

Cut the cord ... Again

Around the first anniversary of my re-attachment to cable TV, I cut the cord again.     Seriously,my DVR was always full of things that I 'might' watch.  I was watching 2-3 hours of content every day, instead of spending time on things I supposedly valued more than video-drool time.  Plus, the cost was really out of hand.  In order tom get the main channels that I wanted, it was costing me around $70/month, which then gave me access to more content than I needed, which I felt compelled to consume as much if as possible.   So, I am back to my broadband subscriptions (Netflix, Hulk plus, and Amazon Prime). Since I'd be doing Amazon Prime regardless, its base cost really doesn't matter.  I do however periodically purchase content from Amazon that I may not have purchased if instill had cable TV.  Ultimately, the cost is probably a wash because of that.  However, I filmily I am only watching things that I really want tom watch now.  Far less mindless watching.  Still, I should probably cut back for both time and financial reasons.   Perhaps this posting could be the catalyst for a new resolution:  no more Amazon purchases/rentals untilmive watched everything ive purchased in my video library.   That shouldmtake me at least a month.  

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