Sunday, November 20, 2005

I don't want to parent a teenager!

A few Saturdays ago, I had some errands to run. I invited K to come along with me. Initially he was hesitant, until I pointed out that I would not be lifting the parental lock on the cable box while I was gone (he was grounded). At that statement, he enthusiastically embraced the concept of "errand running". However, his enthusiasm quickly waned.

The first place we stopped was a high end cooking store, The Impressive Chef. Kiel likes to cook so I tried to point out some of the cool things they had there. He grew quickly bored. He started walking around the store with his ski vest pulled up over his head. Any question I asked him illicited a grunt or a whine.

When we left the store, I sternly advised him that he needed to change his attitude or I would be dropping him off in front of our house where he could wait on the porch until I, or his father, got back from our errands. He seemed a bit stunned by this prospect. So, we drove to the grocery store. I suggested that he stay in the car and think about what I had said. When I came out, he was sleeping. He sat up when I got in, but then slouched against the window.

We had to practically pass our house before my next stop. For the next ten minutes he continued to slouch against the window without saying a word. I decided that I would rather continue my errands alone than to share the trip with a flesh coated missery. When we pulled into our parking area I told K to get out of the car. His eyes got huge and he protested that he had changed his attitude. I said that it had gotten worse, and that I did not want to spend any more time with him. So, he got out and went and sat on the steps of our house.

Before you think me a horrible parent, let me point out that B was due home within the hour. I only had one more errand to run. And, it was about sixty degrees outside. I also called B on my cell phone once I was out of sight of the house to let him know what I had done. He actually laughed at me for allowing K's behavior to get under my skin.

I ended up getting back home before B. I let K into the house and spent the next couple of hours avoiding him. He eventually gave me a low key appology for his behavior.

K is only twelve years old. I suppose this is just a slight taste of what we should expect to see from him over the next couple of years as far as moodiness and morosity go. Joy. I am SO looking forward to THAT!

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