Sunday, December 30, 2007

Enjoying a small vacation

I'm on day two of a mini five day break from work. My office is closed both Monday and Tuesday, and I decided to take Wednesday off (since I was one of the few who worked after Christmas last week).

Dropping my class for this semester bummed me out, but I think it helped relax me somewhat. Yesterday, we ran a few errands. While we were out, I splurged on some holiday-related crafting supplies since there were some sales going on. We were home for less than half an hour, then my husband and I went out to see "Alien verses Predator: Requieum" When we tried to see it Christmas night, it was sold out. This time there were less than thirty people in the theater by the time the film started. It was a pretty good flick, for what it intended to be.

Today, I caught up with some bill paying (slightly depressing), and played around at my craft table (painting some suggestion boxes for my church, and toying with designs for next year's holiday cards). I'm about to go back to bed for a lazy mid-morning nap. Later, I need to run a few errands.

Our son is going to Vermont for the day with a friend to break in the snowboard he got for Christmas. He's never been boarding before, so this should be interesting. We do, conveniently, already own a set of crutches. (hee hee)


Summer said...

I loved the first Preditor movie but haven't seen any of the subsequent ones. Check out this website. We got number one son a Darth Vader from here. We went to see the movie Juno the other day. I wasn't sure about it, what's funny about teenage pregnancy? But it was funny. I'd recommend it. Enjoy your days off. You deserve it.

Kitten Herder said... has some awesome stuff. Thanks for the tip!

briwei said...

I've been meaning to see the original AvP. How was that? And how does this copmpare?

Kitten Herder said...

The original AvP was better, IMO. You gain a bit of understanding about the relationship between the two races, and quite a bit about the mores of the Predator race.