Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Early Halloween: The Best of Marilyn Manson

I'm not really a true Marilyn Manson fan. However, he has done some intriguing covers of a number of songs. Recently, he contributed to a tribute to the movie "A Nightmare Before Christmas", adding yet another excellent cover to the musical history books. I realized that I finally had collected enough Marilyn Manson songs to make my own 'Best of' album. Not all of the songs are covers. Two are from The Matrix movies, one is in the previews to "Max Payne". Here's the playlist:

1. Down in the Park (cover)
2. This is Halloween (cover)
3. Tainted Love (cover)
4. Personal Jesus (cover)
5. Rock Is Dead (The Matrix)
6. This Is the New Shit (The Matrix Reloaded)
7. If I was your Vampire (Max Payne)
8. Sweet Dreams (cover)
9. The Beautiful People
10. Heart-Shaped Glasses
11. Disposable Teens
12. Use Your Fist

Just in time for Halloween!

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