Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy

We just watched Christian Slater's new television show, "My Own Worst Enemy". Way cool. It's not just a Jekyl and Hyde thing, which is pretty cool. It's like watching two brothers work out some of their sibling rivalry issues, but never being able to meet. Imagine having an evil twin, in your own body.

Edward is a cold-blooded assassin. His deep cover identity is Henry, a really mild mannered suburban family man. The problem is, Henry doesn't know that he is really Edward. Edward kind of knows about Henry, but doesn't have direct access to his memories. Edward chose to split his personality approximately nineteen years before the show begins. Unfortunately, something happens to break down the walls. Edward and Henry start to randomly 'wake up' at the most inconvenient times for both of their lives. Since Edward knows about Henry, he can kind of fake being a boring suburbanite. Unfortunately, Henry has no idea about Edward and no desire to fake being a super secret agent.

Henry is nearly killed a couple of times. The agency that Edward works for tries to reprogram Henry so that things go back to the controlled 'on off' personality switching that they orchestrated previously. However, Edward sneaks off a DVD recording to Henry cluing him in about some bad guys that are going to try to kill him. Henry manages to kill them first, thanks to Edward's coaching.

Confused yet? It's a lot of fun to watch. At one point Henry is in Edward's apartment and decides to take one of Edward's sports cars for a ride. During the ride he becomes Edward. Edward ends up at Henry's house and has amazingly (unusual for Henry) sex with Henry's wife. In the morning, Henry's wife thanks him for the hot sex, which he does not remember. After his wife leaves, he reads a note that Edward wrote on his hand telling him "Don't touch my car again." Henry then realizes that Edward slept with his wife the night before, "That bastard slept with my wife!" Wicked funny.

Highly recommended!

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