Sunday, February 07, 2010

My blog has been busy without me

Over the last month I have received more comments on my blog than over any other THREE month period. That would be fabulous except that I've barely posted to my blog since the first of the year. Virtually every 'comment' has been that dreaded blog spam!

Sadly, to help cut down on the amount of such detritus I will no longer be accepting anonymous comments. So, those of you who do not have blogger accounts are welcome to read but you won't be able to comment. Feel free to email me or carry out your public poke of me over on Facebook. Both options mean that you have to know who I am.

A certain amount of anonymity is a wondrous thing for creativity and discourse. And, I really don't need to know exactly who you are for you to comment here. Only blogger has to know who you are, more or less. Similarly, blogger knows who I am in a more-or-less fashion.

This doesn't mean that I'll approve your comments. If your comment has nothing to do with the topic of my blog entry (and I don't personally know who you are), your comment will be rejected. If I do not know you personally, I will not accept a comment with any web links in it. Neither will I check out any such links myself even if your comment promises that I will:

  • Lose 30 pounds in 30 days

  • Earn $10,000/week (or more) doing ...

  • Endlessly please my woman in bed (I cannot perfect an anatomical part that I do not have)

  • Learn the secrets of the universe by listening to some profound new audio course

  • Live a longer and healthier life by taking a supplement derived from Yak manure

  • Be able to purchase foreclosed property for pennies on the dollar

I must however thank all you reprehensible spammers for getting me off my butt to post this entry. So, THANK YOU!


changejunkie said...

I have to edit the comments for our work blog. They run about 100 spams to 1 legit comment. Really irritating and time consuming. And pointless. Does this kind of spam EVER work??

Monkeys in Paris said...

You really should try the Yak Manure extract though. I've never felt so alert. I could do without the swarms of flies that follow me, however.