Monday, July 16, 2012

Becoming classically well-viewed

There are dozens of 'classic' movies that I have never seen. I have decided to challenge myself to correct this great deficit in my education. Every week, unless I am traveling, I will try to watch one of those many 'classic' movies. The definition of 'classic' shall include the American Film Institute's top 100 fils of all time, any Oscar nominated film that suits my fancy, and films listed in he appendix of the book The Film Club.

The first film to be digested, appreciated, and checked off the list is "Lawrence of Arabia". I was inspired to watch this one since it was an obsession of the android character in the recent movie, "Prometheus".

I will not even try to review this, or any of these films. They are after all 'classics', so there are countless reviews, summaries, and odes to these works. However, I now understand why "Lawrence of Arabia" is hailed as a 'classic'. Not only is the film full of grade A actors, giving grade a performances, but the cinematography, costumes, and score were also all wonderous. I'm definitely lookingforward to my next adventure.

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