Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taxi Driver

I was traveling this weekend, so I decided to watch "Taxi Driver" on my iPad during the flights. I finished the very last third at home.

I can see why this film received so much critical aclaim as a 'film'. However, I do not think that I would ever recommend the movie for purely entertainment purposes. The cinematography utilized some innovative elements. And, DeNiro's portrayal of Travis was intense, for sure. Overall though, this film seemed to be about a truly disturbed individual who harbored some very extreme views on the state of society and what was necessary to improve things. I'm not sure why Jodie Foster's portrayal of Iris received so much note. She did an o.k. Job of it, but I don't think that the role was that demanding except perhaps for her reactions to the final violent confrontation scene near the end of the story.

Ultimately, unless you envision yourself asma student of 'the art of film' I see no reason to watch this endeavor.

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