Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, iPod

Happy Valentines Day. Considering our current fiscal situation, we kept this Halmark-promulgated holiday pretty low key. We had theater tickets for the evening, but on the way to the theater I decided that I really wasn't in the mood for an evening out. We ended up coming back home and watching the latest episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Joss Whedon's latest series "Dollhouse". BSG is really keeping me engaged in its final episodes. It is my preferred show to watch when we have an episode in the queue on TiVo. Dollhouse seems intriguing. The first episode was acceptable. Let's see where they take this concept.

Since it's Valentines Day, let's talk a little about my true love: music. I have accumulated just over 103Gb of tunes (just under 16k songs) in my iTunes library. Since my iPod only holds 16Gb, I have to be somewhat selective on what I carry at the ready on the device. Still, even with a few podcasts taking up space, I've managed to cull out 2444 songs for my portable listening pleasure.

I often listen to my iPod on shuffle mode. I find it interesting how some songs have never been played, while others are offered up quite frequently. ABC's "Poison Arrow", Toadie's "Away", and Adam Ant's "Press Darlings" are the most frequently played songs at this point.

I hope everyone had a pleasant day with their sweeties today.

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Summer said...

We too had a low key Valentine's day. Stayed home, had steak on the grill and watched stuff from the DVR. I think this day is over rated and a marketers dream. Glad you had a nice one too. As for music; while I do enjoy it I prefer the quiet more. I guess that comes from working in an elementary school.