Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a small ocean, isn't it?

The Atlantic Ocean must be pretty small for two nuclear subs to collide in its waters. 31 million miles is not a lot of space when you're a submarine, especially since there's no way for underwater craft to see each other in those crowded dark waters. I keep hoping that someone will invent a technology, maybe based on sound waves, that will allow vessels to identify other objects in the water. I'm sure even technologically backwards Britain and France would adopt such technologies, even for their benign and inexpensive nuclear submarine fleets. Eventually, even the U.S. may be able to adopt this technology so its submarines won't surface underneath any more Japanese fishing boats



changejunkie said...

great minds -- I just blogged on the same thing!!

Summer said...

A trio of great minds, I just finished my post about this same thing.