Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing and annoying feline trick

Our younger cat is quite talented and cute. He is also stubborn, single-minded, and often annoying in his pursuits.

We keep kitty treats in a high kitchen cabinet. He is well aware of the location of his favorite nibbles.

This evening, I came home to discover a new bag of kitty treats on the dining room floor, TORN open. The bag had previously been on the upper left hand shelf of the kitchen cabinet (see photo). Not only was the bag in the floor, but the cabinet was closed (cabinet shown open in photo for perspective).

How the heck did he get up there? How did the cabinet door remain (or get re-) closed?

The cats were not interested in obtaining dinner. Good thing, since we weren't interested in giving them any dinner. We locked them in the basement for the night in irritation. However, we kept wondering in amazement how he did it.

The older cat is too lazy to have been invovled in any aspect of the operation, other than enjoying the spoils.


elsie said...

OK, I've heard of cats able to get things out of cabinets, but one smart enough to close the door behind him is truly SCARY!

barbie2be said...

i used to have a cat that could open doors. when i put him in a room i had to lock the door or he would break out. sweet sebastian!

i miss him. :(