Monday, July 27, 2009

What I miss while studying

On August 8, I'm taking the CISSP exam. Since the beginning of June I have banished a number of activities from my life so that I can focus on studying. Here are some of the things that I miss:

  1. Going to the movies

  2. Watching movies at home

  3. Listening to audio books in the car

  4. Reading magazines on the exercise bike in the morning

  5. Watching mindless television via TiVo for more than meal times

Have I mastered all the materials I need to for the exam? Not yet. With two weeks left to go, I still have a rigorous study schedule laid out. On the day before the exam I'll check into the hotel where the exam is being given. I plan to spend the endire afternoon and evening studying my brains out.

On the day after the exam, I have a facial scheduled. I will probably go to a movie (or two) as well that weekend.

Then, my Summer really begins (yes, on August 8th in the afternoon). Then again, considering the weather we've been having in New England this 'Summer', August 8th might actually work out (weather wise) to be the beginning of Summer.

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