Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beyond negative stimulation

Our unexpected economic stimulus check was followed by two automobile expenses that ate up over half of the windfall. Our central AC had a major hiccup this week, to the tune of about $250. Today, our less-than-two-year old dryer decided to crap out. And, it appears to be the one appliance that we purchased in the last two years that we can't find the paperwork for. When it's all added up, all these unexpected expenses will cost more than the stupid check.

I guess its a good thing that we got the check. However, I was really looking forward to having a little money for vacation (which we really didn't have set aside at this point). The Fates are being particularly mean. This has happened before. Unexpected money always ends up vaporizing in my house.

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changejunkie said...

Not just at your house. The Fates conspire at our place as well. Usually the unexpected expense exactly equals the windfall, resulting in a net of 0. Perhaps the universe has an accountant....