Saturday, May 31, 2008

Terrorist training camp discovered!

When Goblin moved the broken dryer out from the wall to see if he could assess the problem, he revealed the secret training camp for The Boose Army.

Caboose is our highly entertaining three year old cat. Nearly every Saturday for the last two years, Goblin has gifted Boose with a toy Hartz catnip mouse. Typically, within a couple of hours, the fresh mouse is nowhere to be found. After about a year of this, we started joking around about Boose's mouse army training camp, aka 'Boose Camp'.

Then, last summer, a few of the older mice started showing up in piles of dirty laundry or on the steps. Whenever one would show up, we would capture it and put it on one of two shelves in our house (for future potential recycled playtime). These lone mice were either commando terrrorists or deserters from The Boose Army. The shelves were much like our own domestic version of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

But finally, the war on terror can claim a huge victory today upon the discovery of their training base and the capture of the terrorists.

When questioned about the discovery, General Boose denied any knowledge of the terrorist base or their activities.

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barbie2be said...


i know exactly what you mean. Colonel Moo hides his troops under my bed among my hockey sticks.