Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Way of the Warrior

We're having a lovely weekend. The weather has been particularly nice. In addition, Grendel took a trip this weekend with his friends from our church, so we had the house to ourselves.

Speaking of church, Hubby participated in today's service at church: "The Way of the Warrior". Each spring, the committee on ministry arranges a thematic service run completely by members of the congregation. This year, the theme was the martial arts. And, since Hubby is one of the more noted martial artists in the congregation, he was invited to participate.

He only had about fifteen minutes to speak. While public speaking is not something he enjoys, he loves to talk about Japanese martial arts. So, it was difficult for him to come up with an appropriate talk in the time allotted. Overall, he did a fine job. He also got to show off some of his precious swords after the service was over. While I was forbidden to take pictures of him during the service, I did get a shot of him studying his note cards before and then showing off his swords after the service.

Hubby is the entire building committee. (No that is not a typo.) As you can see from the above picture of our church, it is a lovely old stone building. He fell in love with the building long before he got comfortable with the idea of attending church (much less actually joining the congregation). I was quite proud of his willingness to participate in the service today. Then again, it was his chance to share a bit of his true religion with our very open-minded Unitarian Universalist friends.

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Summer said...

I'm sure he had the congregations interest with a talk on martial arts. It opened their horizons a little. Who would have thought they were going to hear about that subject when they went to church. Good for hubby!!