Sunday, April 05, 2009

Interesting movie experience - great quote

On April 24, Mutant Chronicles hits theaters. The trailers make it look somewhat schlocky. But, we have an affinity for scholck SF in our house. Amazingly, Amazon was running a special pre-release rental of the flick this weekend. For $10, you could rent the movie for 3 days and watch it on your Amazon-compatible PC or device (including TiVo, thank you). So, we decided it was worth the experiment. Let's watch a movie before it hits the theaters!

The movie starred Thomas Jane (from "The Punisher"), Ron Perlman (of "Beauty and the Beast" fame), and (briefly) John Malkovich.

The judgement? I gave it a B-, Goblin gave it an A.

However, we both agreed that there was a very memorable line in the movie. Thomas Jane's character is one of the few survivors near the end. The little band is following a book held by monks for hundreds of years that tells how to stop the mutant forces of evil from wiping out humanity. Jane is a non-believer. When challenged about his non-belief while being on this mission he responds:

I'm not paid to believe. I'm paid to fuck shit up. Are you coming? - Hunter The Mutant Chronicles

Great line!

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