Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nearly one week since my "One Week" post

This is school vacation week in NH. Before Goblin lost his job, we had planned a European vacation for this week. Maybe we'll get to go next spring.

I had still planned to take the week off from work. However, an outside trainer was coming in offering two days of Information Assurance training with a DoD perspective. My boss asked me if I was available to take the training. Considering the rarity, I made myself available. But, now that the training is out of the way, I have the rest of the week off.

Then again, what is 'off'? Tomorrow I'm taking our cats to the vet for their annual check-up. In the afternoon, I'm going in for my annual mammogram (joy). Saturday, I'm getting my snow tires taken off. I have also generated a 'to do' list the length of my arm. On Friday, at least, I have an extended hot stone massage scheduled. That will be absolutely lovely.

My book group met this evening. We picked a book for June that is not available as an audiobook. Therefore, I probably will not be reading it. However, I did get everyone to agree to a classic SF tale for our July-August choice: Stranger in a Strange Land. Many of us have read it before, but I really want to read it again. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

RE: snow tires. While the temperature is back down here, we've already had 3 90+ degree days. :(