Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mini-vacations (May and July)

On May 8/9, we're all going down to Worcester so Grendel can participage in WPI's FIRST Robotics competition: Battlecry 10. I'll probably take Friday, May 8th off, since we'll need to depart right after school lets out (around 2-ish). It should be fun, plus it'll give us all a chance to give WPI a glance, which is important since Grendel has expressed a keen interest in going to college there. (Anyone got about $160k lying around?)

This morning, I heard that one of Grendel and Goblin's joint favorite rock bands is coming to New England this summer. While Grendel says that AC/DC's latest material kind of sucks, Goblin is drooling at the prospect of seeing the legends in concert. Gillette Stadium is about 90 minutes from our house, so we decided to get a hotel room for after the concert. We got pretty nice seats (Club Level). Since the concert is on a Tuesday night, I'll probably take that afternoon and the following day off from work. So far, with concert tickets and the hotel, I've dropped about $500 on one night of fun. Yikes!

While neither event makes up for loss of the long-planned European vacation, such mini-vacations should give us things to look forward to and small mental breaks from our mundane existence.


Monkeys in Paris said...

AC/DC is here too. They sold in out in something like 42 minutes, and a similar story in Germany. I had no idea they were so big in Europe.

Summer said...

Love AC/DC. The trip maybe expensive but worth it in the long run with the family time and memories.