Friday, June 19, 2009

Green packaging - not

I recently ordered a couple of small items from (notice how I am NOT linking to them). One item was a stuff sack, and the other was a very small shoulder bag. When I got a huge box from them today I wondered if maybe the stuff sack was bigger than I thought. I also guessed that both items were probably inside.

The stuff sack actually turned out to be a few inches shorter than I thought it would be. So I won't be using it to carry my meditation bench. The purse wasn't in the box either. So, one does have to wonder what they were thinking packing the flat stuff sack into this gigantic box.

At least the packing material was brown paper and not foam peanuts.

1 comment:

barbie2be said...

gawd, i hate it when they over do the packing materials. such a waste.