Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grendel rocks!

For those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, this is a re-run. However...

I am excessively proud of my son. He managed to pull straight A's for THE YEAR as a high school sophomore with a full College Prep schedule!

Last year was a disappointment. His grades were all over the place. Finally, near the end of the year he was diagnosed with ADD. His PCP put him on Concerta. That pretty much salvaged his finals in the nick of time last year.

He was on the medication all year this year, except for an erratic few weeks this winter, where it definitely showed its effect.

At some point he will need to learn to function productively without the medication. However, we need to make sure he develops habits that will continue without it. He's far from that just yet.

In any event: GRENDEL ROCKS!

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barbie2be said...

good on you, grendel!