Sunday, June 28, 2009

All night market purchases

Years ago, we saw a stand up comedian do a bit about all night markets. She wondered what motivated people to go out to the market at three a.m. One night she was behind a woman who was purchasing kitty liter and Vasoline. She fought a desperate urge to ask the woman why she felt a sudden urge to purchase that combination of products in the wee hours of the morning.

While chatting with the cashier at Walmart this morning, we mentioned this story. He laughed and said that he once found himself buying condoms and road-side flares in the middle of the night at a 7 Eleven. He said he needed the condoms, but that he was happy to have stumbled on the flares and thought they might come in handy sometime. He often wondered what kind of impression his purchase made on the cashier.

I offered that it showed that he was planning a head. One item in case he got lucky, and the other in case his luck ran out.

I think I made his morning. :D


briwei said...

LOL! Nice. I'm sure you made his day.

barbie2be said...

my friends and i used to play a game in which we tried to come up with three random items for a check out.

Summer said...

I love our 24 hour supermarkets. I've been there several times in the dead of night, mostly for Immodium or Pepto. I have a friend that works nights and she does her grocery shopping in the wee hours after work. No little ones crying, no one bumping into your ankles with their cart, no one blocking the shelf with their cart while they gab, no line at the cashier. I think I may try shopping at night!