Sunday, June 07, 2009

The times they are a changin' (sort of)

This summer should be very quiet in our house.

Goblin is taking an Anatomy and Physiology class that is kicking his butt. He's studying all the time. He did pass his LNA certification exam. Hopefully, he'll have a job in a long term care facility soon. If he gets an LNA position in such a place, NH will reimburse him the $1400 he paid for his LNA class.

I just got back from a week-long CISSP exam-prep course. I registered to take the grueling exam on Saturday, August 8. I have a boatload of studying to do.

Grendel got a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He worked his first shift yesterday. The job is very exhausting. He hopes to get a couple of shifts there each week. Plus, we want him to pick up a few shifts somewhere else (somewhere less taxing) for when school is out in a couple of weeks. The most likely candidate is the Dunkin Donuts that is just down the street from our house. He is also committed to a few activities with our church and his FIRST team for the summer. So he'll be out of the house a lot and sleeping a great deal when he is home.

That said, we're cutting a lot of video entertainment out of our summer. We have a Netflix subscription that we're going to put on hold next week (after we watch our current movies). We were thinking about picking HBO back up for the summer since "True Blood" is coming back. However, we're going to put that off until (at least) my exam is over.

We'll still watch an hour of TiVo during meals. I know that sounds so gauche, but it is a tradition in our house. It's the only time we all watch the same program. Maybe, someday, we'll go back to eating around the dining room table together?

Anyway, that will be the only time that Goblin and I will be watching television at all over the next two months.


changejunkie said...

good luck to both of you with the studying. It's amazing to me that he's already old enough for a paying job. The time is passing so fast.

Summer said...

That sounds like a commited summer for everyone. Take some time to enjoy it though.