Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Being paranoid

In theory, I could have gotten my offer letter today. But I didn't. So, in theory, it should show up tomorrow. The HR rep told me Friday that it would go out in Monday's mail. Then again, he called my house this afternoon before I got home, and said he would try me at the office, and then missed me at the office. He left voice mail there saying he'd speak to me in the morning.

What? Me? Worry? Yup!

Maybe it's nothing. Maybe he just wants to reassure me, or tell me that there was some minor hiccup that prevented the offer from going out in Monday's mail.

Then again, the Fates love to screw with me. It would be just like them to dangle a sweet carrot in front of my nose while preparing to hit me over the head with an eleven ton sledge hammer.

Maybe the HR folks started doing the background check on me and found an issue already. There's only one area that could possibly trip me up and that is an over abundance of debt. My credit rating is still quite good, and I have a lot less debt than I did two years ago. However, finances is an area that the government looks at when investigating you for background issues.

I do not anticipate a sound sleep tonight. :(


davewill said...

I have a new opening and would be more than happy to hire you, and telecommuting would be fine with me. Any python experience?

Of course, my future is less than sure....

Kitten Herder said...

So, I spoke to my prospective employers yesterday. Apparently, there was a mix up with my paperwork. The offer should now arrive today or tomorrow. We'll see.

Certain phrases DO come to mind on this: "the check is in the mail", "it's only a cold sore", and "of course I love you". ;)