Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A crew of bigots?

Every time I hear about the ongoing movement to ban gay marriage it makes my blood boil. I do not understand the reasoning behind the movement. While many, including the Vatican, have come out and stated that gay marriage is a threat to the traditional family, I am flummoxed by this position. How in the world is it a threat to the traditional family? Disallowing same sex partners the right to marry is not going to change the lifestyles of these couples. It is not like they are going to "switch teams" and go become members of a heterosexually centered "traditional family". Also, recognizing same sex couples as a legitimate basis for a family is not going to encourage more people to become gay. Give me a break! Folks, if you are gay, you are gay. It is the way you are wired.

Regarding the movement to ammend the constitution with language defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, Senator Edward M. Kennedy stated it best when he said, "The Republican leadership is asking us to spend time writing bigotry into the Constitution. ... A vote for it is a vote against civil unions, against domestic partnership, against all other efforts for states to treat gays and lesbians fairly under the law."

Senator Orin Hatch responded to Kennedy's statement with, "Does he really want to suggest that over half of the United States Senate is a crew of bigots?"

Orin, if the shoe fits, feel free to kick your narrow minded butt with it.


briwei said...

No, Orrin. You aren't a crew of bigots. You are something worse. You are panderers to bigots.

barbie2be said...

it takes one to know onw senator hatch... and apparently you know them all.

Rusty said...

I'm totally waiting for universal gay marriage to be approved nationwide so that I can divorce my wife. I mean, what good is destroying our family values if I can't get something out of it?