Monday, June 19, 2006

Good things come to those who wait

OK. So, I finally got my offer letter on Saturday. The packet that I had to fill out for my preliminary background check wasn't as arduous as I thought it would be. I managed to get it all mostly filled out over the weekend. I just needed to get my signature Notarized in a couple of places, and then I dropped it all in the mailbox today.

Today was also a good day in that, after many many months, I was able to resolve a long-term conflict between my external hard drive and my printer. I know that it seems silly, but because of the issue, and the low priority I placed on attacking it, I have not been able to print directly from my computer to my local printer since this past fall. (Yup. I felt like a real nimrod about the whole thing.)

Anyway, at issue was a USB conflict. If I had the drive plugged in, and my printer, my computer would endlessly reboot. Special, huh? The solution was to switch the drive over to Firewire. Sounds simple, right. And, yes, I thought of the solution back around the end of last year. I just haven't had the time to screw around with it.

What made me find the time to deal with it today? Easy: I had something else that I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be working on my final paper for school. Well, it wasn't a complete procrastination move. I needed to print a massive listing of notes, and I really didn't feel like playing around on my husband or son's computers to do it. Plus, I felt like a real yoyo for not fixing the issue months ago. And, well, ok, I WAS looking for a dodge on the paper.

In any event, I resolved the printer issue AND made good progress on my paper. Which reminds me ... I suppose I should get back to it. (grin)


briwei said...

Excellent. So, for your security clearance, did you steer away from phrases like "moonbat lefty" and "socialist"? ;-)

Kitten Herder said...

The preliminary clearance forms have not asked for organizational affiliations or world views. Fortunately, "I am not nor, nor have I ever been a member of" any radical organization. Though, I did give a few bucks last year. Hope that doesn't classify me as a security risk. :)

briwei said...

I still remember the questioning for my security clearance. I had my college drama advisor as a reference. They asked her "To the best of your knowledge, has Brian ever smoked marijuana?" She said "To the best of my knowledge, he has asthma and it would kill him." in a very snarky tone.

Kitten Herder said...

That's a great answer. Hopefully, you can return the favor should any left field questions come your way about me.