Friday, April 25, 2008

A blog name, my "K"ingdom for a blog name!

Some of us try not to advertise our full identities on our blogs. In addition, we try to protect our family's privacy by not divulging too much about them, especially not their full names. So, when I refer to my husband I will usually refer to him as "B" or "my husband". And, when I refer to my son I will usually refer to him as "K" or "my son". However, my good friend Briwei has challenged me to come up with a blog name for my son. I think it is probably appropriate, since I DO seem to blog about the woes of parenting him so frequently. (grin)

So, here are some ideas I have. Let me know if there are any that you particularly like:

  1. Special K

  2. Kid K

  3. The Kid

  4. Dobbie (see previous post

  5. The King

  6. Albatross

  7. Grendel

  8. The Wall

  9. My Apathetic Greasey-headed Early-Onset Alzheimer's Curmudgeon (too long, I know)

  10. Borgin (the greasy-haired forgetful dark arts proprietor of Borgin and Burkes from Harry Potter)

  11. ???

So, who is this "K" of which I speak?

This week was K's fifteenth birthday, as hard as that is to believe. We got him "Rock Band" for the Xbox360. His other relatives sent him some much appreciated cash. He is about to go away for the weekend with his youth group. When he gets back, we promised to take him out for a belated birthday dinner at a restaurant he has wanted to try out. Oh, and school vacation is next week as well. However, he's volunteering at the YMCA (sort of a required servitude for kids who want to get into the camp counselor program).

He's on the tennis team while trying to keep his grades at B's and better. He's also pretty into his guitar lessons. He also likes skateboarding, and has a wild affinity for the sloppy slacker clothes that skateboarders wear. He likes to waste time on the Internet (particularly chat, myspace, and facebook - though he is currently banned from chat due to some school work concerns). He has several TV shows he likes to watch, some of which we also like to watch - though he prefers to watch them without us.

He can be a pretty humorous kid at times. Though, he is also forgetful, argumentative, and sullen. I guess being a teen is tough. But, so is parenting one.


Julie said...

I always assumed that he was among the kittens that you were trying to herd - a human kitten, that is - but I don't suppose "Kitten" is a good name for a boy. How 'bout Kiddo? It's sort of kittenesque.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dearest,
For some reason Grendel seems appropriate.

briwei said...

I'm thinking the name has to describe a fictional character who thinks he is smarter than the authority figures and is repeatedly proven wrong.

Of course, that probably describes every teenager, so never mind.

Hrm. Guitar, tennis, youth group, and video games.

Not sure Dobbie is right because, as you mentioned, he is not helpful without prodding at home. I'm stumped for now. I'll have to come back to it.

changejunkie said...

Hmmm...we call ours the Spud, since he is sort of King Couch Potato..but K is way too active for that one. How 'bout Scion (short for "Scion of the house of D")

briwei said...

I'm fixated on the letter K and it is hard to get good nicknames with the letter K. :) So far, I've come up with "Kato" and that's about it. Too bad the cat is already named "Caboose".

Tennis and guitar? How about "El Kabong!"