Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minor school rant

OK. I do not expect anyone to comment on this, I just feel the need to vent a little.

I am taking a class this semester: "Legal Issues in Business and Management". I am actually interested in the content. (I like rules, after all.) Unfortunately, since there are over twenty of us signed up for the online course, the instructor decided that we needed to do our discussions in groups that she assigned. We have five, two week, modules throughout the term. For each module, each group is expected to come to a consensus and post to a main forum and comment, as a group, on another group's posting. Modules begin on a Saturday and end 14 days later on a Friday.

Thus far, my group has posted its consensus first, by the mid-point of the module. We felt that it was only fair, in order to give other groups ample opportunity to comment on our postings. However, the other groups feel that it is acceptable to post their stuff on Wednesday (or even Thursday), thus giving the other groups about 48 hours to come to a consensus and respond.

All groups can see the other groups' discussions. My group is the busiest, most prolific discussion board. We also utilize the chat facility to schedule a time to come to a consensus on our posts.

This evening, our intrepid instructor posted a general note saying how well we were ALL doing. Um???? EXCUSE ME!!! One group is working its butt off while the others are doing the minimum. How the heck is that a good job?


It really doesn't take much to succeed in this world, does it?

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changejunkie said...

I *hate* group projects. Why should my grade be determined by the work or lack of work of others? I don't need to be taught how to work and play well with others, got that in elementary school, so there is no point in these kind of exercises for me. I usually end up doing the bulk of whatever project it is that's assigned, which really isn't fair. So rant away -- I'm right there with you.