Monday, April 14, 2008

Rules, guidelines, order, and logic - minor examples

Some would say that I have a heightened attention to detail. Still others would uncharitably call my anal retentive. My own husband teases me about my 'rules'. Apparently, I have rules for a number of things, in his opinion.

I don't know if they are all 'rules'. Some precepts are just guidelines, which I cannot fathom why others don't appreciate the logic of.

Let's take a minor situational example. Virtually every work day, I go to the gym at lunch time. The women's locker room is a a series of alcoves. There are plenty of lockers, and there are storage areas under the lockers for shoes and gym bags that might not easily fit within the lockers themselves.

Guideline #1: Do not leave your belongings strewn about the floor or on the bench when there is plenty of room underneath the lockers to stash your stuff. Leaving your belongings on the floor or on the bench inconveniences other patrons of the locker room.

Guideline #2: If there are two paths to get to your spot in the alcove, and both paths are obstructed by other patrons, take the path that inconveniences the 'more clothed' patron. It is highly inconsiderate to try to brush past a nearly naked person in order to get to your spot, when you could have brushed past a nearly clothed individual.

Guideline #3: Do not engage in a cell phone conversation in the midst of other patrons who are in various states of undress and are in a hurry to either get to their workout or get back to their duties. Having a conversation in the midst of disinterested naked people is second only to have a cell phone conversation in a toilet stall next to some one else in a toilet stall who is trying to take care of their own delicate business as privately as possible.

Guideline #4: Do not 'shower' yourself in highly scented lotions or perfumes in close proximity to others. They may not share your appreciation of the scent you have chosen to drown yourself in, and they cannot easily escape its 'charms'.

Guideline #5: Do not engage in any loud conversation in the presence of other partially dressed patrons that you are not willing to have them join in. If you are willing to have a conversation in front of their semi-nakedness, you are obviously willing to allow them to participate in the conversation. Semi-nakedness is a vulnerable state. Engaging in a conversation in front of someone in such a state is an admission of intimacy you may not intend. If you do not intend to become more intimate with your semi-naked fellow patrons, keep your conversations brief and uninviting.

Guideline #6: If people are in various states of undress, do not engage in conversation with them unless you know them very well. If you do find yourself engaged in conversation with someone who is getting undressed or dressed, make sure to either avert your eyes or only look at their eyes, not the rest of their semi (or completely un-) dressed form.

Guideline #7: DUH! Pick up after yourself. Leave the area at least as orderly as you found it. Pick up your towels. Close your locker when you are done. Through your trash away. ... Grow up!

These are just a few of the guidelines that I live with and by each day. Perhaps I'll share more of my anal retentive wisdom as situations arise that remind me how many humans could use a refresher course on manners and proper interpersonal behavior.


barbie2be said...

there are people that would say i am anal too...

i think all of your guidelines are completely reasonable. but here is one you missed: don't pee in the shower. that is why the gym provides bathrooms.

briwei said...

It's sad that you have to enumerate these because that means that someone out there didn't "get it". It all seems pretty common-sensical to me. Then again, we are pretty much wired the same way.

Summer said...

Seems to me those are all common sense things but now I know why I don't go to the gym. Too many naked people. And too much of me to be naked in front of others.