Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ambivalent interviewing

I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, that kind of came out of the blue. I'd applied for several positions at M+ (an organization very similar to ours about 10 minutes closer to home) a few months back when I was really unhappy at the direction my current organization (disorganization) was taking. We have since gotten a new team lead, and things are looking WAY up.

So, of course, the Fates see fit to have M+ call me for an interview, and for them to sound VERY interested in talking to me.

I'm not really interested in leaving my current position. However, exploring other possibilities is always a good thing. Keeps you sharp, and gives you a chance to think about what else you might be doing career-wise.

M+ sent over an actual job application. I filled out the very minimum amount of information. They want job descriptions and salary for past jobs. I don't really remember what I made fifteen years ago, for crying out loud. And, I've already thoroughly described my past jobs on my resume. Maybe I'll print out a couple of copies and table the descriptions into the job application. It'd certainly be easier to read than my chicken scratch.


Cobwebs said...

I generally just put "please see resume" in most of the fields of job applications.

Good luck with the interview!

barbie2be said...

like cobwebs, i write in see resume. those stupid applications drive me crazy!

Kitten Herder said...

I did end up printing out my resume and taping in the descriptions for each job. That too amused me. I felt like I was in grade school art class. :D