Saturday, August 30, 2008

A little something about meme

I'm carrying this on from Barbie2be.

Maybe I should - go cold turkey on all my consumption vices so I can drop all the weight I've gained back over the past two years.
I love the smell of - a warm chlorinated pool.
People would say that I - am exceptionally impatient.
I don’t understand why - people seem compelled to talk on their cell phones in public constantly for mundane reasons.
I lost - fifty pounds and then gained thirty of it back.
Life is - too short to spend it doing so many pointless and unimportant things.
My past - got me where I am; I'm not proud of some of it. However, some of it taught me valuable lessons, and some of it I'll always cherish.
I get annoyed - with stupid people (and sadly there are a lot of them out there)
My idea of a good time is - spending time with good friends and making each other laugh until tears roll down our faces.
I wish - my chronic pain issues would just be gone one day so I could get on with my life with fresh eyes.
Twins are - scary.
Dust bunnies - are everywhere.
Tomorrow I’m going to - work on my son's computer, do some crafting, exercise, and generally have a very mellow Sunday.
I have low tolerance for - stupid people.
I’m totally terrified of - public speaking.
I wonder why - shopping makes me happy, even though I know that having stuff does not make me happy.
Never in my life have I - ridden a horse.
High school was - a wasted opportunity. I would love to have a "Peggy Sue Got Married" chance to go back and do it all over knowing that none of the petty stuff really mattered.
When I’m nervous - I chew on my cuticles.
One time at a family gathering - I hid out in the bedroom for an hour.
Take my advice: Smile when you really don't feel like it. Sometimes, it helps you feel like it!
Taking a good picture - makes me feel like I've done something creative.
I’m almost always - in some kind of pain.
I’m addicted to - way, way, too many things to list comfortably. It's scary.
I want someone to - take care of me for just a little while. (Stolen from someone else's list, because it really is the perfect sentiment.)

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