Monday, August 04, 2008

Laundry-loving kitty

Our neurotic cat has a new hobby of late, dragging dirty laundry up from the basement and depositing it around the house. He is especially fond of the dining room. There's nothing like coming home in the evening to dirty skivies in the dining room. One day last week, I gathered up all the dirty laundry he had redistributed during the day. It was a particularly huge haul. See:

I really want a web cam to capture him dragging this stuff up the basement stairs. The beach towel would have been particularly impressive to see.


Summer said...

That seems like something a dog would do. They love dirty smelly stuff. At least mine does.

barbie2be said...

moo kitty's favorite place is in the basket with my clothes. preferably the dirty ones. he just loves the way i smell i guess.

my old kitty sebastian was the same way though. my clothes were like kitty crack for him.