Monday, August 18, 2008

My brother did NOT fall off the planet

My wonderful brother moved to Paris in May. I haven't heard much from him, and I was getting grumpy about it. So, last night I emailed him to say "WTF?" Low and behold, he (mostly my sister-in-law) had been corresponding with me, but had been sending it to the wrong email address!

If you want to read what life is like for new ex-Pats in Paris check out Monkeys in Paris. Despite some frustrations with the transition, I'm still pretty jealous of their brave move and adventurous spirit.


szap said...

like the address I've sent my correspo to that went into nowhere?

Kitten Herder said...

He had the right domain, but the wrong user name. I get mail from you. I wasn't aware that I may have missed any. Maybe my provider thinks you're spamming me, since you email me so much! ;)