Thursday, March 19, 2009

What are they feeding you?

Our cats are utter chow hounds. Boose, our younger alpha cat, is constantly on the prowl for treats, leftovers, and anything unattended that he can steal. Over the last few months we have learned that he has VERY weird food preferences. He particularly likes things like pasta, cookies, breads, and cakes.

This afternoon, Goblin shared some Triscut crackers with Boose. (Weird cat)

This evening, Goblin enjoyed a plate of plain pasta with butter, which Boose gladly licked clean afterwards. (Not too too weird.)

Later, I had a was enjoying some mushroom and kale soup (no cream, mind you), along with some pepper jack cheese. I had my leftovers on the table beside my lounge chair in the living room. We were watching television. I heard licking and thought that Boose had stolen some food from somewhere. When I turned to see what was being licked, I was shocked to see our older cat, Zoey, standing on her hind legs licking the end of the pepper jack cheese block.

Argh! I took the cheese away from her to put it away. I figured that I didn't want the bit she had been licking, so I cut off a 1/8th inch slice and decided to indulge her by giving it to her. The slice actually came off in multiple pieces. Both cats pounced on the pieces of pepper jack cheese and sucked it up. For added grins, I put my mushroom soup bowl in the floor and Boose licked it dry.

WEIRDOS! This brings to mind one of my favorite Phoebe songs from Friends:

You Tube won't let me embed this, but here is the classic Phoebe Buffay song from Friends: Smelly Cat


Summer said...

I don't know about cats but my dog will eat almost anything including non food items like snotty kleenex. And to think we kiss them!

barbie2be said...

i love smelly cat!!!!

Monkeys in Paris said...

Pepper jack cheese? You will find a unique reward waiting for you in the litter box, methinks.