Monday, April 10, 2006

De-Monday De-Motivated

OK. I know that just about everyone hates Mondays. But I can't say that I hate Monday today. That would involve more energy and commitment to the day than I am willing to give. Perhaps I could muster enough energy to embrace a Boomtown Rats quote, "I don't like Mondays". Then again, their version of "don't like" is probably still too strong since I really don't feel like "I want to shoot the whole day down."

I'm not quite apathetic about the day either. I'm pretty much just demotivated. The phraseology seems appropriate, since I feel like the motivation has been removed from me.

I'm trying not to "check out" mentally from my current job. Just because I am about to receive an offer for another position, doesn't mean I'm going to take it. On the other hand, even if I stay with my current company for a while longer, I barely care what happens. I feel like I've been trying to swim upstream and that every time I make a little progress, a damn bursts and I lose the ground I've gained. I'm tired of the swimming against the current. Hopefully soon, someone will pluck me out of this river and put me in another one, where I have a chance to make it up stream.

1 comment:

szap said...

She wants to spawn, I can tell. Either that, or it's time you learned to at least flatwater paddle.
:) Looking forward to seeing you. Z