Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm staying at my current job, indefinitely.

Yesterday was a truly remarkable day. You would think that I would have been prepared for anything, after all the melodrama that's been going on at my company. However, I was not prepared for yesterday's events.

In the morning, our CEO called me into his office and asked me to close the door. He told me that he knew that I had been frustrated a great deal with a number of things. He also told me that he knew that I had been interviewing. This last part made me more than a bit nervous, since it was noted during a recent "reorganization" that some of the folks who were no longer with the company had posted their resumes on So, I did not confirm or deny his statement about the interviewing that has become my professional and personal life preserver of late.

He then told me that my current manager had resigned, and promptly offered me the job of Director of Operations. For those of you who know me well, you may find this hard to believe, but I was speechless. The CEO asked me again if I would be interested in the position. He then elaborated that I would be allowed to fill several vacant positions, and that some capital expenditures that we had put on hold several months ago could finally go through. I would be expected to attend management team meetings. I would also have to start dressing more like a professional (jeans only on Fridays). And, my resume would have to come off of (Gulp.)

I asked for a few hours to mull the proposition over. He enthusiastically agreed. So, I left the building and took a walk. The weather was quite lovely for a March day in New England. I called my husband and discussed the situation. We both agreed that it would be cool to be in a position of power and perhaps actually be able to make a difference in the future direction of the company. Also, I hate changing jobs. I know my current company really well. Changing roles in the same company is much less of a pain than starting over with a new company.

So, I ate a light lunch (wasn't really THAT hungry, if you know what I mean). And I went back to the office. The CEO welcomed me back into his office, and I accepted the offer. I start transitioning into my new role on Monday.

So, by the way, did you notice the date on this posting? Does this really sound like something I would agree to? Did you fall for it? Sorry, couldn't resist since I had a prank played on me this morning by my favorite game site.


davewill said...

To quote the weirdnetians, "You Suck!" You had me going and I was debating whether to offer my advice that you've been that uphappy there for so long, it's not going to be better being higher up there. But I didn't want to rain our your parade. And, to re-quote the weirdnetians, "You Suck!"

briwei said...

LOL! I wouldn't have been fooled even if you had not tipped me off. With everything going on there, there is no way you'd take any position up to and including CEO. :)

szap said...

I was going to say just that. Suck on my droogie. :)