Saturday, April 15, 2006

Less taxing times

While today is officially "tax day", I almost never wait until April to file. This year was no exception. Not only have we already filed, the refund is already spent, sadly. Most of it went for school and vacation.

Things are looking up. I am just about over my massive disappointment at not being able to take the hospital job. Though my new class is pretty challenging, I am having a great time with the material. Who knew that medical ethics could be so engaging? Work still stinks, but there's a kind of camraderie among the rank and file about the current corporate situation that makes it a bit more bearable. And, it's almost vacation time.

We leave for vacation Friday evening. I am SO looking forward to this trip. My doctor was kind enough to supply me a few tranquilizers to help get me through the plane trip down and back. Bless her!

We'll be having dinner with friends or family nearly every night of our trip. Five of the seven mornings, we'll be having a continental breakfast at our B&B. And lunch, most days, will be some quickie affair in or near one of the many museums we plan to hit. We hope to see the following museums: American Indian, Holocaust, Natural History, American History, Air and Space "hanger" annex, the aquarium in the Commerce Building, and the monuments on or near the Mall. It's kind of a Herculean list, but I think we'll have a good time with it.


briwei said...

Glad to hear that you are almost back to just plain miserable. :) Have fun on your vacation!

briwei said...

BTW - Holocaust is a very heavy museum. Plan a break between that museum and anything fun you plan to do.

Kitten Herder said...

We're probably going to do Holocaust first on Monday, followed by the American Indian museum. I've been to the Holocaust museum before. My guys haven't. My brother will be with us too, and he's never been either. Should be interesting.