Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Attention Deficit Life

My life is way to busy. I have too many commitments and too many interests. But still, I hear of other things that I could be doing and my initial reaction is to figure out how I can do that TOO. I am not alone in this affliction. Everyone I know is over-committed and utterly exhausted.

I am thinking about designating a "no commitment/no tech" night at my house. The evening would be unavailable for commitments of any kind. In addition, we would all agree not to watch TV or fritter away our time with any other electronic distractions (ex. computers & game systems). We could then play games as a family, or read, or do other things that we never seem to have time or energy for.

If I can't get my family to agree to it, maybe I'll just make the agreement with myself.

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