Monday, May 01, 2006

Vacation state of mind

Our vacation to the DC area was great, minus the whole flying thing, mind you. We got to spend time with lots of friends and family who we haven't seen in a while (some, not since we moved to New England 5.5 years ago). Plus, I got to meet two wonderful relatively new human beings: my niece A and R "No Fly List" W (the famous son of two of my dearest friends).

The highlight of our tourist activities was the National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center out in Chantilly, VA. Well worth the drive out to Dulles Airport. And remember, this recommendation is coming from someone who despises air travel.

The biggest problem with coming back from vacation, aside from the mounds of laundry, is having to readjust to your mundane life. Because of vacation, I'm a week behind in school. Also, there are things at work that only I'm capable of doing, apparently.

We got home on Friday evening in time for dinner. We extended the vacation state of mind somewhat by watching DVDs on Saturday and Sunday night. Adrian Brody's "The Jacket" was an intriguing drama about a Gulf War veteran who was undergoing an experimental treatment at an institution for the criminally insane, after being wrongly convicted of killing a police officer. The treatment resulted in his being able to time travel to a specific point in the future. Very engaging film.

The other movie was the antithesis of the first. K picked "The Wedding Crashers". The two main characters, the "crashers", was loathesome exploitive sex-seekers. The situations in the movie were sometimes painful to watch. However, I find myself laughing out loud a great deal. By the end, both characters redeem themselves. If you rent it, get the "uncorked" edition, if for no other reason, so you can read the "rules of wedding crashing" in the bonus features section. Read it after the movie or else you really won't see the full humor of it.

Any way, I've got a ton of school work and work-work to deal with. So, of course, I'll probably post more this week than I have in a long time. Can you say "procrastination"? I knew you could.

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