Friday, May 05, 2006

Payback is a ... well, you know

While I had a great vacation, it's been a tough week trying to play catch up with work and with school. I'm still not caught up with either, really. The killing blow is that I am working Sunday. "Not a half day." (for fans of Office Space) I am working on a project to upgrade our entire install base, and it can really only be done on a Sunday when it will have the least impact to our customer base. I spent a lot of this week paving the way for the smoothest execution of my Sunday project plan. Today, I barely even touched my regular work. I figure I can catch up on Sunday while a bunch of scripts and such run.

The good news is that I have an interview on Tuesday morning. It's for a network security position, of sorts, in a major egghead facility (read DoD + prestigious university). I'm slightly uncomfortable with the DoD aspect of the place, but not enough to ignore a really great opportunity to do something I really want to do in a place with great benefits and a new workplace cultural environment for me. I definitely need something VERY different right now, or I might as well get over it and go work at the post office so I can have me psychotic break where it won't seem too out of place.

I plan to take the rest of Tuesday to catch up on my school work. I hate being this far behind.

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briwei said...

Fingers crossed for Tuesday. I've heard it is a really cool place to work. You should enjoy it if you get it.