Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cross your fingers for me ... again

OK, folks. Here we go again. I had an interview about two weeks ago with a research outfit. Things went pretty well. Friday, they called at least one of my references, to good report. They then called me to say that they would be making me an offer.

I told them what I was currently making and how low I would be willing to go. Cross your fingers that they heard me. Light a candle that it might actually be more than my bare minimum. Then throw some salt over your shoulder that I can actually rise to the ocassion and meet their expectations, especially when I was definitely at the high end of their price range.

This would be a fantastic opportunity. The benefits are mixed in comparison to where I am now. Health insurance is more, but everything else is MUCH better. The commute would add another 20-30 minutes each way to my day. But, I knew that was coming with my next job one way or another. (Note how this adds to my gas cost, though I'm willing to jump ship for less hard salary than I'm getting now.)

I really do know that it is LONG PAST time for me to jump ship. However, jumping ship from the familiar, if phenomenonly frustrating, is extremely scary. I just hope that my luck holds and that I can wow my next employer in short order.

The actual, number-bearing, offer should come through in the next couple of days. Keep those fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!- indeed, you long have stated that you needed an occupational change of venue

Rusty said...

Consider my fingers crossed. And I'm knocking on wood for you too.