Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Childless and childish

So, my son is away until Friday afternoon. He's on a school trip to a YMCA overnight camp. There was a chance that the trip wasn't going to come off, or that it would come off under miserable conditions, due to the massive flooding in New Hampshire the last few days. But, all seems to have turned out as good as can be expected.

On our first child-less evening, Ben and I watched another episode of "Lost". Yes, we are utterly addicted to this strange show. Tomorrow night we're planning an actual "dinner out". Hopefully, we'll get around to watching one of the movies that we've had out from Blockbuster for the last three weeks. I have a coupon to go to the local Blockbuster, so I can rent the last set of season one Lost episodes. But, I plan to resist. There is more to life than "Lost"!!! (really ... um ... I know there is.)

For those checking in on the carerr front: Work still sucks, and will continue to suck until I can extricate myself from my current situation. I hope to hear something from my latest "life preserver" interview next week. I may be overpriced for the position, but I remain hopeful. From a non-financial standpoint, the skills and personality match were pretty much "spot on".

On the school front: School is HARD! OK. Just because a class is "online" doesn't mean you don't have to work your bum off for it. I have really just started a massive research paper effort. I am in the process of looking at note-taking software. Anyone have any recommendations. I've kind of looked a bit at Citation and Endnote. Anyone having any opinions on either's ability to organize note-taking and citation organization, feel free to chime in.

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